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Learning a language doesn´t have to be a total snore-fest. You can become a boss in Danish with help from this comprehensive and unique textbook. 


In "Become a Boss in Danish", you''ll find all the essential grammar, pronunciation tips and common phrases needed to reach an intermediate level of proficiency. What's the difference with this book? 


You´ll also get some fun stories, unusual dialogues, tasks which which will make the words stick, and over 50 audio files for pronunciation- audio files which will keep you awake, engaged, and eager to learn more Danish.


You´ll also get to enjoy some pretty awesome illustrations.


What's in this book?

- 8 chapters

- 300 pages

- 57 audio files

- Huge glosary of useful phrases

- Range og topics including: greetings, food, routines, technology, and more.

- Stories, dialogues; writing, listening, speaking and reading tasks

- Essential grammar explanations

- Colorful illustrations

- Links to external videos for even more learning


The idea behind this book is to simply give you everything you need to understand the basics, while keeping you entertained along the way. 


What are you waiting for? Become a boss now! 


Links to audio files are inside the book. If you experience any problems downloading or receiving them, please email with the subject line BOSSAUDIO. 


Your download file will be in pdf format. If you have any problems receiving and/or viewing the file, please get in touch immediately. 


Written and edited by Liam Jon Pilmore and Thomas Helbech Hansen.

Cover art by Avant Rosi.

Illustrations by Marete Helbech Hansen.


Become a Boss in Danish (eBook)

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