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What's the difference between ligger and lægger?

What's the difference between ligger and lægger? These two words are super similar but have an even easier rule for distinguishing between the two. Do you know the difference between ligger and lægger? If not, read on. If you do, you can practice your skills using the game and exercises below. 

At ligge = no movement 

At lægge = movement

At ligge 

To lie | To be lying down | To be situated
Conjugation: Lig, at ligge, ligger, lå, har/havde ligget
The verb at ligge generally means to be lying, as in, lying down or to be situated somewhere. There is no movement involved. 
No movement = lying
Han ligger i sengen.
He's lying on the bed / in bed.
Jeg elsker at ligge i sofaen i mine underbukser.
I love lying on the sofa in my underwear.
Vi lå på gulvet. 
We lay on the floor. 
Sickness or injury
There are many examples of ligger where it is used to refer to being sick or injured. 
Min mor har ligget syg i flere måneder. 
My mum has been (lying) sick for several months. 
A geographical placement / location
Hvor ligger supermarkedet?
Where is the supermarket? (Where lies the supermarket / where is it located?)
Dine briller ligger på bordet. 
Your glasses are (lying) on the table. 
** If you look in the dictionary you will find a lot of other uses such as: lying on a certain level (language level for example), to be present or to exist, and a few more. 

At lægge

To lay | To place | To put
Conjugation: Læg, at lægge, lægger, lagde, har/havde lagt
The verb at lægge generally means to lay, as in, to place or set something somewhere like on a table or on the floor. There is a movment involved. 
Jeg lagde dit pas i skuffen. 
I put your passport in the drawer. 
Han lægger pølserne på panden. 
He's putting the sausages on the pan.
**One can also lay very literal things such as train lines, as well as more abstract things such as plans. 
Jeg lægger planer til min fødselsdag. 
I am making plans for my birthday. 
**Again, if you check the dictionary you will find a lot of different uses as well as fixed expression, but the most common confusion is as follows. 
At ligge = no movement
At lægge = movement
Han ligger i sofaen. 
He's lying on the sofa. 
Han lægger sig i sofaen. 
I'll lay down on the sofa. 
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